GALLERY: Vintage car club geared to host national event in Komani

Pictures: SUPPLIED


There is much excitement in our local Queenstown Vintage Car Club as the members prepare for this weekend’s event. They are, for the first time ever, hosting the South African Veteran Vehicle Association’s annual general meeting (AGM) and it will be followed by a national rally. Most of the visitors will be staying at the Queens Casino and Hotel. Normally, this event is hosted in one of our bigger cities, so this is a big one for the community of Komani.

Start looking out today for veteran cars from after 1945 to before 1995, which will be arriving from all over South Africa. The AGM of the S.A. Veteran Vehicle Association will be held on Saturday morning at the Queens Casino and Hotel. Eight vintage cars from all over South Africa are expected. The balance of the cars will be owned and driven by locals in the Queenstown Club. These vintage cars will be on show in the Queens Hotel car park on Saturday morning.

After the AGM, everyone will go out to the Queenstown’s Club at the Airport to enjoy a braais and fellowship.

On Sunday, Monday and Tuesday all the Vintage Cars will take part in three trips out of Komani, providing a chance to show our visitors some of the stunning countryside in this part of South Africa.

To round off the weekend in Komani, on Tuesday night there will be a wonderful dinner and prize giving at the Queens Hotel.