Designer opts for white tiles to line grave in Giyani

The owner of the funeral services company defended the design of the grave.
Image: Facebook/WSA Funeral

One Limpopo family has shown it does not subscribe to the saying about “ashes to ashes and dust to dust” when they ensured their loved one’s coffin would not be touched by dust at all.

Images shared on social media showed how the grave was fitted at the bottom and on the sides with white tiles in preparation to receive what looked like an expensive casket.

The images sent shock waves around the country‚ with people saying riches and lavish ways of living were seemingly following people to their graves.

Over the years coffins‚ caskets and tombstones have evolved with family members taking a more personalised approach to their creations.

TimesLIVE spoke to SWA funeral services in Giyani‚ Limpopo. The company carried out the funeral service at the tiled grave over the weekend.

Lusani Mulubane said the grave construction was created by the relatives of the deceased after they consulted with a designer from Ngove village.

He said community members had discretion over what to do at the cemetery.

Mulubane said he didn’t see any problem with the design if the family could afford it and it fell within the wishes of how they wanted to bury their loved one.

Source: ARENA Holdings.