EFF declares war on corruption, nepotism

the-big-promise-9-5cm-x5cmTHE Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) is promising sustainable jobs should it win elections in the Enoch Mgijima Municipality in August.

Enoch Mgijima will be formed by the merger of Lukhanji, Tsolwana and Inkwanca Municipalities after the elections. The Rep senior reporter Zolile Menzelwa spoke to EFF Enoch Mgijima mayoral candidate Luthando Amos.

What do you think is the biggest challenge facing local government?

Incompetence, corruption and lack of political will to radically transform the local economy through access to land, agri processing, industrialisation and entrepreneurship.

What would your party’s two focal areas be after elections?

The EFF will create sustainable jobs through strengthening municipal capacity, programmes that will limit the use of consultants, creating strategic industrialisation investment partnerships with entrepreneurs who will be willing to abide by EFF municipal government terms and conditions to partner with workers.

Secondly would be service delivery including building new substations to make power cuts a thing of the past, building clinics in every ward which will be open 24 hours a day, constructing boreholes to help with water shortages, supplying and delivering free flushing toilets, constructing quality roads, providing free water and electricity for the poor and elderly, free Wi-Fi in schools and tertiary institutions.

ELCTION TIME: EFF mayoral candidate in Lukhanji Municipality Luthando Amos
ELCTION TIME: EFF mayoral candidate in Lukhanji Municipality Luthando Amos Picture: ZOLILE MENZELWA

If your party won elections, how would you handle the issue of capital budget under spending?

We will first get rid of incompetence, corrupt tendencies, cadre deployment and nepotism. Under spending would not be even be in the vocabulary in the Enoch Mgijima Municipality as it will be equivalent to a criminal offence.

Why should people vote for your party?

People should vote for the EFF because it is speaking truth to power. The bottom line is the EFF wants to restore the dignity of the oppressed people. EFF is committing to the people that in five years, if they will give the EFF political power, we will accelerate service delivery and create sustainable jobs. We are inspired by generations before us to pursue the struggle for economic freedom.

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