Eradicate corruption

the-big-promise-9-5cm-x5cmTHE DA has promised a corruption-free government if it wins the August 3 local government elections. The Rep senior reporter Zolile Menzelwa spoke with DA caucus leader in Lukhanji Municipality Chris de Wet.

What do you think is the biggest challenge facing local government?

It is the lack of proper leadership. Local government is currently plagued by incompetent and dishonest leaders, incapable of executing their mandate of providing quality services to the residents. Corruption and nepotism are rife, resulting in a lack of service delivery, poor maintenance of infrastructure and general degradation.

What would your party’s two focal main focal areas be after the elections?

The DA would focus on the effective delivery of services to all residents and clean and corruption-free governance of the town’s finances and administration.

Focusing on these two aspects will ensure a vibrant and prosperous town, capable of attracting large-scale investments from industry, resulting in the creation of employment, increased revenue and the improvement of the infrastructure.

If your party won the election, how would you handle the issue of capital budget underspending?

The underspending of the capital budget by the present ANC regime has far-reaching negative implications for the long-term viability and sustainability of the municipality.

The DA would address the present underspending by eliminating incompetent officials incapable of performing their duties, employing competent officials based on merit and then immediately commence, by way of proper planning, the process of awarding contracts and tenders to service providers to give effect to capital projects. The DA would provide a mechanism of ensuring that the processes are performed timeously and according to the highest standards.


Why should people vote DA?

Voters have the choice of voting for the ruling ANC that has, in all respects, failed the community by not performing the basics of local government. Alternatively, voters can exercise their democratic right to vote for the DA, which is the most diverse party with a proven track record of showing that where the DA governs, it governs well.

The DA has shown in the Cape Town Metro and other municipalities that it not only provides services to residents more effectively, but also that it provides transparent and corruption-free government.

The DA is the only party with the leadership qualities necessary to provide a better life for all where crime and corruption are not tolerated, services like electricity, water and sanitation and infrastructural maintenance and improvement are delivered to the benefit of all. A vote for the DA is a vote for prosperity.

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