Gudmanz on the track

THAT man Alec Gudmanz from Komani has been at it again.

Alec Gudmanz in action Picture: SUPPLIED
Alec Gudmanz in action Picture: SUPPLIED


At the recent club and regional motor racing championships Round 6 at the East London grand prix circuit he came third in the first heat and won the second, giving him a first place overall in the Modified Cars, Class D category.
Gudmanz told The Rep, “It is always a challenge going through Potters Pass and Rifle Bend at the start of the race as all the cars are bunched up and you don’t want to come off there when you are doing about 200km an hour.
“In the second heat I managed to get to second place in the first lap and on the third lap the ahead of me took Cox’s Corner too fast and rolled as I was entering the corner, which was hectic.”

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