Face to Face


with community developer Ndiwe Tabata

Question: Why this particular profession?

Answer: I aim to fight South African poverty through holistic individual development.

Q: What part of your job do you enjoy?

A: Interacting with people at different levels and getting the opportunity to work with fascinating people while doing interesting work.

Q: October commemorates breast cancer month. How important is it for women to get a check up?

A: Ìt is very important for women to do self-examinations and to educate themselves about factors that may contribute to their risk of breast cancer. They must also find out where to get help should they detect it at an early stage.

Q: We have the newly-formed Enoch Mgijima elected council – what would you like them to tackle?

A: I would like them to listen to communities’ complaints and attend to their needs.

Q: What is on your music play list?

A: I am currently listening to gospel artists Butho and Yolanda Vuthela. My favourite song is Okumanywe ngu Thixo meaning ‘What God has joined together’.

Q: What are your interests?

A: Reading and watching television.

Q: What do you like about Spring?

A: Springtime is a time of awakenings. Spring symbolises new beginnings in life in general. Good things are on the way to those who deserve them.

Q: What is your best childhood memory?

A: Not paying bills!

Q: How can people be convinced to protest without vandalising community resources?

A: To be aware that if you need something there is no way that you will attain it by destroying what you already have.

Q: How important is developing an entrepreneurial mindset in our society?

A: Entrepreneurship needs to be a mindset, cultivated and nurtured from an early age. This is regardless of whether you want to start your own business or take ownership of your own career. In today’s world, an entrepreneurial mindset is a necessity to improve employment and to enhance economic activity in society.

Q: What is the best way to affect the change you want to see in South Africa?

A: To become involved in the change you want to see.

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