Top prize for cartoonist

Siphiwo Sobopha  Picture: File
Siphiwo Sobopha Picture: File

THE REP’S former cartoonist Siphiwo Sobopha, who grew up in Komani and attended Queen’s College, has won R10000 from the national #WeLoveBicClic competition which was run by BiC South Africa to celebrate its 60 years of existence.
Sobopha said participants were challenged to do something artistic by creating something musical, writing a poem, or doodling their hearts out to make the BiC clic pen unique to them.
“The first thing I thought of was to incorporate the brand’s logo by focusing on the ‘BiC man’ as if he was celebrating his 60th anniversary with a cake, and then have him surrounded by caricaturised BiC clic pens. The entire artwork is in monochrome, produced with a blue ballpoint pen on paper.”
He said he was certain that his unique composition and design would capture the judges’ attention even if he was not selected.
“Winning this accolade adds greatly to my list of credentials and attracts more clients for my cartoon business. Hopefully there will be ongoing business with BiC and their marketing team. Perhaps some animated adverts for TV, which I am capable of producing.”
Sobopha suspects his drawing talent started as early as the age of three. “I have a vivid memory of winning an award for best artwork in pre-school, so it’s something that I grew up with and I have won various art awards at different stages of my life.”
While most children outgrew cartoons, he said he was one of the few that still found them fascinating as an adult.
“When I was a child I used to replicate most of Disney’s cartoons on paper. Even in school I would make funny caricatures of my classmates and teachers. At Queen’s College I would come up with some entertaining scenes of the rugby fixtures by caricaturising the mascots of the schools playing against each other.”
Sobopha said he was not limited to one style of drawing cartoons, but wanted to constantly come up with unique characters.
He said he draws some of his inspiration from Walt Disney and his biography.
“He started as a newspaper cartoonist and went on to build an empire of cartoons enjoyed by generations of families around the world.
“He is still my favourite cartoonist that has ever lived.”

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