Drivers unhappy with roaming cattle

Free-roaming livestock are raising the ire of motorists in the Komani area  Picture: BHONGO JACOB
Free-roaming livestock are raising the ire of motorists in the Komani area Picture: BHONGO JACOB

HERDS of free-roaming cattle in the Komani area have raised the ire of locals, who say the animals pose a danger to motorists.
Several residents have approached The Rep, expressing concern over the large number of livestock – many unattended – roaming the area.
Resident Malixole Khoboni said commuters often had to wait for cows to cross the road.
“At times you find cars waiting for the cattle to pass,” Khoboni said.
“It is not good, particularly in the morning, because people might be late for work.”
A resident, who did not want to be named, said the livestock was a major problem in the Sandringham residential area.
“Action has to be taken before something bad happens.
“Accidents have happened as a result of cattle wandering the streets. I do not have a high wall and they just come into my yard. It is time our leaders wake up and realise this is an urban area and there are rules people have to abide by.”
Caltex garage manager Andre Bester said the problem had a negative impact on businesses in the area.
“We have reported this several times to the traffic department and nothing has been done.
“Every morning and afternoon the cattle disrupt the traffic,” he said.
Resident Thabo Vali said this was a sign of disrespect by citizens. “This is a serious problem. We wake up with cows sleeping on our lawns and it is a danger to cars, especially on the N6. We spoke to our councillor but we do not know what is happening.”
A herdsman, who did not want to give his name or the details of his employer, said: “When I was asked to look after the cattle I accepted. They do not cause problems all the time, only when they cross the street. People must stop hooting at us as if it’s a crime.”
Community Police Forum community relations officer Tim de Jongh says there have been a number of accidents involving livestock on the roads.
“It is unlawful to allow livestock to roam in an urban area. It is extremely dangerous, especially at night, as drivers are not expecting livestock on public roads and definitely not in town. I get calls on a regular basis to have the livestock removed.”
Enoch Mgijima spokesman Fundile Feketshane said: “In urban, peri-urban and rural areas there is general control on animals so that they do not disrupt the environment.
“Kraals are built, dipping tanks and their grazing land is fenced as normal and according to generic standards [sic].”
He said it was “sometimes unfortunate” that such animals went astray without being monitored, resulting in accidents.
“Our municipality endeavours to encourage their owners to keep a closer check on them.”

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