In Finland to swop ideas

UNIVERSITY of Johannesburg Enactus president Masonwabo Fuma, of Komani, is visiting Laurea University of Applied Sciences in  Finland  with a group of students.

Fuma said the trip emerged from a newly formed partnership conducted by UJ vice-chancellor, Prof Ihron Rensburg, with Laurea University.


He said the two universities were working on growing the partnership through entrepreneurship, management, health sciences and educational programmes.

“The visit is headed by the chair of the university council, Prof Roy Marcus.

“The group of students participating in this programme are from student societies concerned with business, entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship,” he said.

University students wanting to make a difference

Fuma said apart from the two universities meeting, the trip would also include a “slush” conference, which is an international start-up and investor event.

A city seminar will also be held, covering topics on how to develop student entrepreneurship, as an activity of a student organisation, and a joint workshop on shared subjects at Microsoft Flux, a community space for start- ups to network and explore their business ideas.

Fuma said: “A great deal of learning and development comes from international exposure as they have fresh ideas.

“They are research- and innovation-oriented. They teach us that as humans we have endless abilities and that limitations are mentally conceived.”

He said the knowledge they would gain would strengthen organisations they were a part of, such as Enactus-UJ, the Black Management Forum, UJ Investment Society and AIESEC UJ, an apolitical, non-profit student organisation interested in current issues.

Fuma said:“We are part of the greater community and understand this community needs to constantly grow and advance.

“This means we will be able to advance our active role in bettering and empowering our communities.”

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