Festive wishes and warning from the police


KOMANI police cluster commander major- general Sizakhele Dyantyi has wished the people of Komani, visitors and police members – including those who will be on duty – a peaceful festive period.

Dyantyi said the families of the men and women in blue who would be on duty should know that they were with them in spirit.

He said those who were having fun should also know that the police would be doing their job.

“People in the Komani policing cluster and those who drive through town must know we will not tolerate drinking and driving,” he said.

He urged those who would be travelling to buckle up and to take time to rest as there were areas to rest in town.

“We want them to take part in the development of this country and they can only do that alive. We want to encourage people going away for the holidays to inform the police stations nearest to them.”

Dyantyi also urged people who had animals to make provision for them before going away.

“As you all know this is the busiest time with boys going to initiation and homecoming ceremonies. We want to encourage those looking after abakhwetha to follow the law and to give them water.”

He said families hosting homecoming ceremonies should inform the police as deadly fights sometimes ensued.

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