Books for rural kids


FILL ‘ER UP: Patrick Casey of Jacksons with the first box he hopes to fill with books for children in rural areas Picture: CHUX FOURIE


IF YOU love reading and you have realised the benefits of it in terms of the education of children, then the Isuzu Ironman for Kids project is the perfect way to pay it forward.
Local vehicle dealership, Jacksons, have entered the drive to collect as many books as possible for the benefit of disadvantaged children living in rural areas.
Any books are welcome – from comic books to educational books to fiction – as long as they are in a good condition.
Heading the drive in Komani is Patrick Casey of Jacksons who said this week that he had been impressed by the drive which was hosted in Port Elizabeth last year.
“Trucks of books were collected and so we decided to join in the campaign, sponsored by Isuzu and Ironman, this year.”
Books may be dropped off in a special box branded with the campaign name at Jacksons, 2 Sprigg Street, Komani. Further information is available from Jacksons on (045) 838-1023.

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