Leave pets in the care of the SPCA

THE Komani SPCA has called on people who are going away over the festive period not to entrust the care of their pets to neighbours.
SPCA inspector Betty Cree said such arrangements often proved to be problematic and not in the best interests of the animals.
“We still have some kennels open so people should rather book in their animals to ensure proper care.”
Cree said the SPCA currently had 24 dogs and 12 cats up for adoption.
“Our greatest needs are pet food, chew bones for the dogs and blankets. We would also appreciate the donation of bowls for food.”
Volunteers to help clean out the kennels would be welcome, with the working day starting at 7.15am.
Cree said anyone wanting to donate food could either drop it off at the SPCA premises, on the road to Cacadu and Dordrecht near the Bonkolo Dam turnoff, or leave it in the trolley based at Pick n Pay in The Mall.
Cree also thanked the community of Komani and surrounds for their help and support during this year. The SPCA can be reached on 045-839 2819.

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