Christmas sales down

The Christmas season is a time of spending –  with foodstuffs among the most popular buys ccording to various shops called by The Rep, writes Amy Cloete.

The manager of a local supermarket said meat was the most popular product. “It is usually bread but in December more customers are buying meat.”

Hardware stores are not generally the preferred Christmas shop but as Christmas draws near paint seems to be the most popular product.  “Lots of people are buying paint around this time of year,” the owner of a local hardware store said.

A retail store owner said, “ Most people are buying running shoes and active wear mainly for children. We have not reached our target yet but we think that is because many businesses have shut down or moved around us so there are not as many people around us anymore. People are buying more items on credit this year.”

The owner of a local variety shop said,  “The most popular product that people are buying this December are bicycles. Customers are spending less in our shop this year.”

*The shop owners declined to be named.

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