Youth council in drive to empower the young

AN INTERIM structure of the Enoch Mgijima local youth council is busy forming an executive committee that will assist the municipality in mobilising the youth in related development programmes. Spokesman Lusanda Mahashe said the executive committee members would be elected by the end of next month.

“The Youth council supports ward-based youth forums and is the mouthpiece for the youth in related issues. The youth council has committed itself to push for the establishment of a youth unit which will be located within the office of the executive mayor, Lindiwe Gunuza-Nkwentsha. Its mandate is to champion youth development and to be a driving force in main streaming youth issues in the local municipality.”

“The youth unit co-ordinates, facilitates, advises and monitors the mainstream of developmental strategy, youth development policies and programmes.“It is meant to build relations and partnership with youth and non-governmental organisations.

“Part of the programme will be to help the municipality establish a bursary fund which will help prospective students from poor backgrounds to access institutions of higher learning and to prioritise youth development through entrepreneurship development, education, sports, arts and culture. Mahashe said they wanted to make sure that young people are the main driving force of economic development in the area. “We will visit all the wards to form effective and functional ward based youth forums.”

The programme has been welcomed by Gunuza-Nkwentsha.“The youth must be prioritised because of the role they play in society. Young people are making huge changes to the world, whether it is through social media, writing online about a cause, or taking part in a protest – there are many ways that young people can make a difference to the world.”

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