Makupula must go

EASTERN Cape MEC for Education Mandla Makupula said in response to the dismal matric results: “Politics-wise, the ruling party saw something in me that they’ve never even told me what is it that they saw in me … you just get a phone call: ‘Come here, we’ve decided for you to become the MEC of education’.”
The premier, in response to this and the embarrassing matric results, uttered this gem: “Sometimes in a football match, fans call upon the coach to replace a No 9 [striker] who is failing to score goals. But what happens if that No 9, while they are calling for his replacement, manages to score a winning goal? Will they change their tune?”
I swear, you can’t make this up. When there is a crisis that has refused to go away, the premier resorts to confusing soccer analogy to explain. His lack of decisive action to stem the tragic miseducation of the poor and marginalised is tragic, but not surprising.
Public servants mess up time and again and, instead of decisive action, they either get a slap on the wrist or are promoted sideways, or no action is taken. The province came last as far as the matric results are concerned – for the seventh year straight.
This is Makupula’s dismal record: 61.9% in 2012 to 64.9% in 2013, 65.5% in 2014, 56.8% in 2015 and last year 59.3%.
How many superintendents- general have we had in 10 years?
How many have finished their five-year term? The last was suspended in 2014 for an alleged dodgy furniture tender. What else must go wrong under the leadership of this clueless MEC for him to be shown the door?
Last financial year his department returned R530-million to the national treasury after failing to spend it on school infrastructure.
ANC Provincial Secretary Oscar Mabuyane said at the time: “This undermines ANC decisions that education be made a priority. Our people need schools, and when money is given to build schools, schools must be built and if that is not done, there must be consequences.
Almost a year later the ANC chairman and premier uses football analogy to respond to the crisis.
Let me be blunt – most of the pupils who failed are black, poor and probably the very section of the community that voted for the ANC. A question needs to be asked: Does the leader of the ruling party in the province take the plight of the poor and the marginalised seriously?
Would they be so blasé about this situation if their own children were going to these dismal performing schools?
I doubt it. Makupula must go.
Oh, happy New Year, I nearly forgot!

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