New job for MM

Former Enoch Mgijima interim municipal manager Nolwandle Gqiba

ENOCH Mgijima Municipality municipal manager (MM) Nolwandle Gqiba has resigned with immediate effect.

Gqiba, who has since taken up a position with the Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan Municipality as an executive director for human settlements and spatial planning, left on Monday.

The Rep reported (“Hunt on for new manager”, January 13) that the local authority advertised the post of MM during the month preceding the end of Gqiba’s contract.

Gqiba was appointed by council in July 2015. Following the merger of Tsolwana, Lukhanji and Nkwanca local municipalities to form Enoch Mgijima Municipality, she was appointed as interim manager for six months, which was due to come to an end at the end of next month.

Speaking to The Rep, Gqiba said she had enjoyed the turn-around programme of the local authority and that she had been welcomed by both the staff of the local authority and the community of the area.

“When you come to a municipality that has had six consecutive disclaimers and leave after two qualifications from the auditor-general, then you know the team worked well. A mark has been made, nothing is lost because people come and go. It is now up to the people left behind to take the progress forward,” she said.

“I wish the people of Enoch Mgijima well,” Gqiba said.

The municipality had not responded at the time of going to press.

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