Strides in service delivery

 REPORT  BACK:  CHDM  mayoral committee members listening to the  report  presented by executive mayor Kholiswa Vimbayo, right, at the district authority’s 2015-16  draft consolidated annual  report  presentation in Cofimvaba


THE Chris Hani District Municipality ( CHDM ) was continuing to make considerable strides in its efforts to deliver service to communities.

So said executive mayor Kholiswa Vimbayo during the 2015-16  draft  consolidated  report  presentation at the Intsika Yethu local municipality at Cofimvaba High School on the 8th of February 2017.

In attendance were all mayoral committees and some ward councillors from all six local municipalities falling within the jurisdiction of  CHDM .

The  report  raised issues from the previous  report  presentation where community members, traditional leaders, the farmers’ association and other stakeholders pointed out challenges around the provisioning of water and sanitation, the electricity supply for new RDP houses, the non-availability of street lights, the poor state of recreational facilities and a request for government intervention in order to improve economic growth.

“Significant improvements have been registered in the delivery of water and sanitation, municipal health services and economic support. Most important is the performance of the [district] municipality in terms of the various grants from national government and other institutions.”

Focal areas for strengthening would include water demand management and quality monitoring and data cleansing, with Vimbayo in a forum with Eskom to discuss matters raised by the community members.

Discussions were under way with the Department of Roads and Public Works on the development of a five-year contract to deal with road issues.

While several improvements were recorded in service delivery areas, with basic service delivery and infrastructure development up from 69% in 2014-15 to 78% in 2015-16, the overall performance was down from 72% to 68% due to the poor performance of other development agencies.

The  CHDM  received a qualified audit, which was available at local libraries and on the municipal website.

Vimbayo said the municipality was improving in public participation and intergovernmental relations functions.

She will table the final annual  report  to the council sitting today.

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