Photo theft shocks psychologist

CAUSE FOR CONCERN: Beauty Booi-Yibe’s face has been used in advertisements in magazines by Mama Shamina, a foreign national healer, to lure people to secure her services Picture: ZOLILE MENZELWA

A KOMANI clinical psychologist’s life has been thrown into turmoil as she fears losing her licence after discovering that a photo of her face is being used by a foreign national “doctor” in an advert in two national magazines.

Beauty Booi-Yibe said her daughter’s friends recently alerted the family that her photo was in an advert in the magazines, advertising the services of a “doctor”, known as Mama Shamina, who could “bring back lost lovers, delete loans, stop partners from cheating and make people rich using a magic ring and spiritual water”.

In an interview with The Rep this week, Booi-Yibe said she went to buy the magazines and, to her surprise, her photo was in the adverts.

The advert for the services of Mama Shamina also has a number The Rep has tried to contact for two weeks.

Last week the phone was unanswered, but this week the number seemed to have been disconnected.

“We tried to call the number in the advert and a person with a foreign accent answered the phone. We wanted to know this person’s address and he said he would send it via text but that never happened,” Booi-Yibe said.

She said as someone who operated a private practice and whose career had spanned 12 years to date, she feared for her reputation and how her clients would react if they saw the advert.

“If the Health Professions Council of SA was to find out about this, I could get into a lot of trouble. I am ethically not allowed to do such things,” she said.

She said she had written in psychology journals about traditional healing and had to have an accompanying head and shoulders photo published with her reports. It was believed the photo had been taken from those journals.

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