Women, be bold


WEDNESDAY marked International Women’s Day with renewed calls for the empowerment of women.
Throughout the world, there is a widespread oppression and abuse. The fight will never end, not as long as humans walk the earth, but it does need to go on.
It is, however, in waiting for others to do the job that they can do themselves that women will fail. If anything, there is a call on women to stand up for themselves and for other women in determining their own path.
In countries like South Africa where rape, domestic violence and abuse harm women, the onus is on women to take the decisive step of bringing about change, not just for themselves, but for the female children of the country.
In addition, women have another responsibility.
In a world torn apart by hatred, with people using race, religion, gender or creed to debase and vilify others in the hope of bringing about conflict and violence, women are the bringers of peace.
If we want a world for our children where everyone can find a place – regardless of the colour of their skin, their position in society or their beliefs – then women have to lead the way.
As those who carry life for nine months, surely women should be the caretakers of it, not just for our own children but for those of others.
Surely women should hold the world in hands of love, seeking progress, reconciliation and dignity.
I am no fan of the glorification of celebrities, but words spoken by British actress Emma Watson, who played the character Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movies, recently rang true.
Watson, speaking about women and breaking related stereotypes said, “If not me, then who? If not now, then when?”
Make your voice count.

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