Land grabs in Whittlesea will have bad impact on budget

THE Enoch Mgijima Local Municipality council has approved a workshop in conjunction with the rural development and land reform department for local stakeholders after experiencing the challenges of land grabs.
Council heard that churches and homes had been built in Ekuphumleni in Whittlesea wihout permission from the municipality. “The Human Settlements and Land Development Directorate was informed that churches and private people were building on land in Ekuphumleni. Upon investigating it was found that three churches claim to have been given land (by) a traditional leader,” the agenda item said.
Challenges included that bulk services could not be guaranteed, that the ground had not been tested for stability and spatial planning principles had not been used. Other challenges were that the structures were built without building inspectors and therefore safety could not be guaranteed.
Council was also told how the servicing of an unplanned area would have a negative budget impact.

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