‘Zuma divides South Africans along racial lines’ Bloem

Cope national spokesman Dennis Bloem Picture: Times Live
THE Congress of the People (Cope) said it was a shame that President Jacob Zuma saw the march last Friday calling for him to vacate his office as an act of racism saying the president was obsessed with race and was a divisive leader.
In a statement, Cope national spokesman Dennis Bloem said Zuma was diving South Africans along racial lines. He said the claims by Zuma were nothing but a despicable red herring which had to be condemned with contempt adding Zuma was “paranoid.
What former president Nelson Mandela has built since his release from prison in 1990 is being destroyed by Zuma. Mandela had a vision and plan to build a colour blind South Africa,were the colour of the skin will not determine your destination.”
He quoted Steve Biko as saying “there is only one race the human race”. He said Zuma should be reminded that “on his birthday” tomorrow opposition parties and civil society will take to the streets and march to the Union Buildings. “Mr Zuma must know that the rolling mass action campaign to remove him will be intensified over the next few days and weeks. On April 18 thousands of black and white South Africans will gather outside Parliament when MPs debate a vote of no confidence in him.”

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