Flash Back Friday- Komani

There have been a number of bizarre events happening around soccer over the years – from a man who used his wife as a bet during the 1994 Fifa World Cup to naked fans running across the pitch. Remember when Thanda Zulu Royal Striker shocked the nation by relieving himself on the side of the pitch during a Premier Soccer League pre- match warm up in 2008?

In Komani, we have also had our own strange moments – this week’s Flash Back Friday takes us back to March 1995 when a local soccer fan caused a 20 minute delay in the match between the Ezibeleni Club, Mighty Clouds and Bloemfontein Based Celtics, played at the Ezibeleni stadium, when he stole the ball.

A Celtic defender kicked the ball out of the stadium and the fan, who was outside the stadium at the time, fielded the ball and, instead of returning it to the pitch, ran away with it much to the dismay of the 900 spectators, the players and the referee.

Two vehicles were commanded to apprehend the culprit who was eventually tracked down by one of the vehicles on his way to Cacadu ( Lady Frere) and brought back to the stadium. As he arrived about 100 irate fans demonstrated their frustration by attacking him but he was saved from serious punishment by officials. He sustained bruises to his face.

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