A Group of Ezibeleni residents fight for land

WE WON’T MOVE: A group of people from Ezibeleni in Komani refuse to move from land that Enoch Mgijima Local Municipality says they have  occupied illegally. For the full story read The Rep  tomorrow     Video: SIMTEMBILE MGIDI

Translation: My brother the municipallity has failed to do that for us. I have tried on my own to empower myself. I was able to take a wife for myself, it means that I am determined to build my own house.

I don’t want the municipality to help me with anything (but) the municipality must give me a place to build so I can build. If the municipality wants to do something for me, they must come to the place that I have already taken and build for me where they want to build, for now I will be right here in this land that I have forcefully taken.

The municipality will help me if they want to help me.

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