Ensuring a better financial position for EMLM – what you said

The Rep recently posted the question: “The financial viability of the Enoch Mgijima is under threat and with a municipal strike underway, more pressure can be expected on limited financial resources. What do you think the municipality should be doing to improve its situation?”

We asked you to vote and this is what you said (21 votes received):

Nine people felt that all labour-related issues should be cleared up so that service delivery would pick up and the payment rate be improved while seven said the municipality should focus on fiscal management and ensure that the income is used as effectively as possible.

Three respondents said the municipality should ask the higher echelons of government for a bail out to help ease the current financial position.

One person said the municipality should ensure that people who are able to pay are doing so, while another said the municipality should make sure that all properties under the municipal jurisdiction were registered in terms of rates and that such rates were paid.

Thank you for your input. Look out for our new poll on stray dogs.

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