Woman still missing in Komani

Blue Rise resident, Nonelela Kambi remains missing, as she was last seen Tuesday morning at her home in Blue Rise on her way to jog. Her father, Sipho Xhamlashe, said he realised on Tuesday at 8am that she had come back from her jog.

“It was her first time going for a morning jog, and it is frustrating because we do not know the route she took. She left her phone at home, and took a tablet device that I bought her which does not have a sim card, so we can not track it.”

Xhamlashe said his daughter left the house wearing black running shorts and a white sleeveless vest.

“I am suspicious, because my other daughter says there is another pair of blue pants that is missing also, which I suspect she was going to wear on top.  I do not want to think of the worst, but kidnapping is the first thing my family and I thinking about, because we do not know of any friends that she would go to, or any boyfriend.”

Xhamalashe indicated family members and the SAPS were currently busy looking for her near Bowker’s Kop.

“I want to say to my daughter, wherever she is, if there is something that is bothering her, she must come and talk to her mother and I,we are ready to deal with it. We know she is frustrated by the fact she is not getting a job after completing school, but that is not a problem. Her mother cannot deal with this tragic ordeal, we are distraught.”

If foul play was involved, he begged for the safe return of their daughter.

“We are willing to pay – all we want is for our child to come back home.”

Anyone with information can contact Queenstown police on 045-808-6029 or the toll free number at 08600 10111.


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