Wishing you well Sive

The Rep wishes intern Sivenathi Gosa well on her new position as a junior reporter at The Go Express in East London.

Gosa said, “Walking in The Rep’s offices on a Monday morning, on January 9, was exciting and scary at the same time as it was the big break I had been waiting for the past three years. I did not know what to expect, but the staff members were welcoming. The loving characters I met in the intimate working space will forever be treasured.”

Gosa said meeting different personalities on a daily basis was the highlight of her internship, as people from different walks of like came to share their stories.

I have learnt a lot from my colleagues in the newsroom, especially from the editorial team -people who are excellent in teamwork, especially when deadlines need to be met. In the twelve months that I have spent here, I have soaked up a lot of journalistic skills from the experienced reporters I have worked with.”

What she will miss the most about Komani she said, “The first few months I came to Komani were quite boring for a city girl like me, but as time went by I learnt to fall in love with the small town, and its people. One thing I will miss is how everything is nearby, and the friendly and loving people.” She believes the Rep newspaper has prepared her well in advance for her new position at the Go&Express community newspaper. 

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