SA men have better chance of finding love online


    SOUTH African men have a better chance of finding their romantic partners online‚ a study has found.

    According to an international dating website‚ Wogoal‚ South African men are the 13th luckiest in the world in online dating. As it happens‚ South African women are among the most communicative on dating websites‚ also ranked at 13‚ Wogoal said.

    In South Africa‚ the average age of the women who replied to a message was 33.

    The percentage of the women who replied once was 54% and a similar number of women did not break contact after replying to the first message. However‚ the probability to get acquainted with a woman in this country through an online dating website is just 28‚44%.

    The research concluded that South African men have above average chances of meeting a partner online.

    The study focused on six months of exchanges between men and women from 60 countries. Depending on what they talked about or how long they interacted‚ the website could determine which country is more active.

    The number one country where people found love online was Egypt‚ followed by Indonesia‚ then Nigeria‚ Ghana and the Philippines.

    “The most difficult country a man can choose for online dating is Ireland. Only 6% replied to a message. And those were mostly migrants who just moved to Ireland. The chance to meet a native Irish lady through an online dating website was almost zero‚” the research noted.

    Nigerians were most likely to get a reply from a woman via a dating website‚ with the top value of 75%.

    Most women in Bulgaria and Colombia were recorded to have lost interest after the first message.

    The findings were released in December.

    by Kgaugelo Masweneng -TimesLIVE

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