Supplementary exams deadline tomorrow

With the 2018 academic year,  underway the Department of Basic Education have reminded those who still need to register for the supplementary examinations that there is one day left.  Registration for the supplementary examinations close tomorrow.

Learners who still need to register for these examinations can do so at their nearest district education office.

Supplementary Examinations form part of the Departments Second Chance program and affords Candidates that have not met the minimum promotion and certification requirements, but who require a maximum of two subjects to obtain a NSC (National Senior Certificate) an opportunity to do so. We reiterate that candidates wishing to register for these examinations have until tomorrow to register at their examination centre where they sat to write the 2017 NSC Examinations.

The opportunity to write supplementary examinations is also extended to candidates who could not sit or finish the examination due various reason including medical reasons, a death in the family, or some other special reason, provided documentary evidence is provided as well as candidates who do not satisfy the minimum higher education entry requirements or higher education faculty requirements for a specific occupation with one subject, provided documentary evidence is provided.

Learner support as part of preparation for administering the NSC Examinations is available through the Second Chance program, further information of which can be found on the department’s website

Further options for candidates not satisfied with results and seeking a second look at an initial examinations script are able to apply for either a re-mark or re-check.  Application forms for re-checking or re-marking of examination answer scripts are available from schools or examination centres.

A cost of R23 is applicable for re-checking, R98 for re-marking and R192 for viewing of an examination script. A Supplementary Examination Timetable and support material have been made available on the .



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