Mohair clip shatters national price record

The fourth mohair auction of the current 2018 summer sale season caused a sensation in more ways than one.

On the whole the 17 April auction offered by CMW at the Mohair Exchange in Port Elizabeth was an excellent one. There was an upward swing of 5% and although no individual price-records were set, the market came pretty close to that.

However, the sensation was caused by the clip of Bennie Conradie of the CF Conradie Trust in the Murraysburg district when it shattered the national price record. This at an average price of R358,42/kg which is unheard of!  Before such an average is quoted for the clip is scrutinised to be complete and includes all types of mohair to be representative. Moreover, the clip mass must at least exceed 500 kg.

Surprisingly Conradie ascribes the exceptional success of the clip to – of all things – the drought which caused the hair to be significantly finer, although, of course,  some mass was also sacrificed due to the drought. To qualify, the clip also underwent EGT-testing, the process by which every goat is tested for fineness of hair beforehand at the CMW laboratory (fibre branch of OVK) in Port Elizabeth.

According to Pierre van der Vyver, Manager: Mohair for OVK, they already had great expectations for the clip when the test results became available and were analysed by them to make a recommendation to Conradie. The total fineness of the clip average came to an amazing 25,51 micron   – a standard which has never been attained before! That this drought-clip could still comply with quality standards has a lot to do with the fact that Angora goats were originally desert stock and those qualities still manifest in their genes. The angora goat is further credited with having the best turnover as regards  food intake in relation to fibre production.

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