Komani police warn of new cell scam


THE Komani police have warned residents of a new cellular phone scam which is leaving residents out of pocket and without access to their phones.

Police spokesman Captain Namhla Mdleleni said police were currently investigating several related dockets.

The modus operandi involved a cellphone user receiving a call from a caller claiming to work for a cellphone provider.

The caller then warns the cellphone user that an attempt is being made to do a sim swop on his or her phone and offers to assist. The user is asked to provide a four-digit number, with some people having given their bank pin codes.

The phone is then disconnected and when the user tries to call back, he or she finds that a sim swop has been done, rendering the phone useless. Shortly afterwards, money is then removed from the user’s bank account.

Mdleleni said several cases of fraud was currently under investigation and appealed to people not to entertain such calls or to give out personal details on the phone.



  1. Tjooooh , you know I was so shocked when I read this article online because my wife received a call on Monday(14/05/2018) at 14H47 and the caller said exactly what is quoted here. She hanged the phone when the caller asked her for those four digits numbers and she called MTN the service provider immediately after and she was told that, that was a scam and they are going to put her number on the watch list of scams and the number that called her is 078 878 6526. The true caller identifies this number as it belongs to Nelly Ndzimande. They called her several times from 14H44-17H16.

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