See the drugs seized at a Bryanston property

A former bodyguard of a notorious underworld figure is one of four suspects arrested by the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation (Hawks) during a swoop on Bryanston and neighbouring Jukskei Park.

Captain Lloyd Ramovha said: “The undercover operation follows an intensive protracted investigation‚ which has linked the group to various illegal activities.”

One of the suspects‚ he said‚ is a 38-year-old “alleged henchman linked to the underworld security industry”.

Said Ramovha: “He allegedly used to be a bodyguard of a controversial underworld figure who is currently incarcerated for various serious offences.

“An assortment of narcotics and incriminating paraphernalia were seized during the operation.”

The suspects face a raft of charges including racketeering‚ money laundering‚ dealing and illegal possession of narcotics‚ steroids‚ prohibited firearms and ammunitions as well as kidnapping.

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