WATCH: Kuga out on test drive catches fire near Sandton




A Ford Kuga burst into flames near the London Road offramp on the N3 near Alexandra in Sandton on Monday.

“One of the guys from Ford had taken the car for a test drive‚” said Captain Granville Meyer.

“The car suddenly set alight on its own‚” he said.

A motorist‚ Daren Grusin‚ supplied TimesLIVE with pictures of the fiery vehicle.

“I was driving past when I saw the car there‚” he said.

Another person posted a video of the burning car.

The video was seemingly taken moments after the car had caught fire.

A man dressed in black can be seen walking in the opposite direction of the car‚ which is parked in the yellow lane.

The bonnet of the car is in flames.

Meyer said the driver of the vehicle had not been injured.

TimesLIVE reported previously that FordSA had recalled 4‚556 of the vehicles in January last year‚ by which time almost 50 had had what the company called “thermal incidents”. The company said failures in the cars’ coolant systems had caused them to overheat and catch alight.

Naledi Shange – TimesLIVE

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