Give woman beaters 5 years in jail‚ minimum: Marcher


Men who beat up their spouses should receive a long prison sentence in order to send a message to society that violence will not be tolerated.

This is the view of Bishop Mahange‚ one of the thousands of men who joined the #100MenMarch in Pretoria on Tuesday.

Mahange‚ of Pretoria‚ said he joined the march to support the fight against women and children abuse.

“A woman must not be beaten‚ even in our African culture‚ you are not supposed to beat a woman. Even with children‚ you are not supposed to beat them.

“If it happens you have an argument with your wife‚ it is better for you as a man to leave the house and go be with your friends‚ but don’t beat up your wife‚” said Mahange.

He said because women abuse has a negative impact on society‚ the courts should take a tough stance.

“If a man beats a woman‚ he must get a harsh sentence. This will make every other man think twice before touching a woman.

“A man must get a minimum of five years in jail for beating a woman‚” Mahange said.

He added that men who lose their temper when drunk should simply stop consuming alcohol.

At the lawns of Union Buildings‚ various organisations made pledges to increase the fight against women and children abuse.

– TimesLIVE

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