Another chilly weekend lies ahead

    Rain‚ snowfall end even some hail have been forecast as another cold front sweeps into the country.

    It’s going to be a very cold weekend in parts of South Africa. Gauteng will feel a sharp drop in temperatures by mid-weekend and the cold spell is likely to last a few days in the province.

    Cape Town residents woke to rain early on Thursday. Snow Report SA predicted that snow would fall over some of the mountain peaks in the Western Cape by the evening.

    South African Weather Service forecaster Lulama Themi said the cold front would make landfall in the southern Cape. Areas such as Sutherland will experience “cold to very cold” conditions on Friday.

    The Eastern Cape is likely to get up to 20mm of rain on Friday. Themi said snow was likely to form on mountains in the province‚ especially the north-eastern high ground‚ with very cold temperatures expected.

    The Free State‚ North West and eastern parts of the Northern Cape will experience cold‚ windy and wet conditions from Friday afternoon‚ with thundershowers and possibly “small hail”‚ added Themi.

    Snow is also expected to fall in parts of the Eastern Cape‚ Lesotho and KwaZulu-Natal as the cold front passes overnight on Friday.


    “From Friday afternoon‚ the cold front will start to affect the central parts of the country. On Saturday evening it will move to Gauteng‚” said Themi.

    “The temperature in Gauteng will rise to 16 degrees on Sunday. This cold weather will remain until Wednesday‚” said Themi.

    Ernest Mabuza – TimesLIVE

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