Another take on Komani and the EMLM situation


A letter from Mike Dovey, formerly of Komani: 

Just another take on the Komani/Carte Blanche program…Like everyone, I too was disgusted at the state of the Enoch Mgijima Local municipality, but what did surprise me was the number of people on facebook who commented in very negative wording on both this program including recently when there were service delivery protests in Komani. Many people who commented negatively (both locals and those who have moved out of Komani) have never gone into the area “other side the old showgrounds”. The program did make one believe that Komni is in a state of perpetual darkness, which is not true, although, like in Centurion and Pretoria, there are regular power failures.


We live in our own world, and are inclined to forget about how others live. It also did highlight however, the conditions that many in the Komani community, and many parts of South Africa, live in.
When I woke up this morning, got out of a warm bed, went to the loo and flushed, and everything disappeared perfectly, ran a hot bath, got dressed warmly, had breakfast, got into my car and drove down well-kept roads to work.

I thought of those South Africans (in Komani and other parts of the country) waking up at 4am in their shack, going to a communal toilet, fetching water from a communal tap, heating it to wash and cook on a paraffin stove, getting dressed, then walking in the cold through sewerage filled streets to catch, at times, an unroadworthy taxi.

I understood more clearly the reason for these service delivery protests. There are then comments like “and they will vote for them again in the next elections”. In many cases true, but maybe DF Malan’s Bantu Education Act of 1953 is now only coming back to haunt our country.
I have had comments passed that I am in denial about the state of our country. No, I am not, but I do try and understand the situation, and find the positives in life and our country, as I am not going anywhere. It is through great educational institutions like Queen’s College and GHS in Komani, and those schools throughout the country that have embraced transformation, that I believe we have a great future in this country.

Corruption is being highlighted, mismanagement is being highlighted (Carte Blanche program as an example), every year our country is becoming more educated (which is the alpha and omega of why we in the situation we are) and “inter-racial” friendships and co-operation are the best they have ever been. I believe in the future of South Africa. It is not doom and gloom as projected by so many.
Looking at the poverty in this country, I remember words my mother used so often, and which I understand so clearly,…”There, but for the Grace of God, go I”..this is just my 10 cents worth.
May you all just Live Love and Laugh, have a great day and week ahead, and may we all make a positive difference in someone else’s life. 

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