The Consumer Protector alerts consumers to check expiry and sell by dates

The Department of Economic Development, Environmental Affairs and Tourism’s (DEDEAT)
office of The Consumer Protector (OCP) has appealed to consumers to be vigilant and not to purchase products that have passed their sell-by date.
Dedeat has indicated that according to the law traders were not allowed to sell illicit, harmful goods.
“This should be reported to the store manager. Consumers are also encouraged to keep their receipts so they have the necessary proof when taking back goods when they have passed the sell-by date. If a store refuses to accept these returned goods, consumers should report the matter to the office of The Consumer Protector.”

The department indicated that it was striving for responsibility, vigilance and cooperation from communities and businesses in ensuring a safer environment for all people.
Business and the public should contact the office on for further information.

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