Free Twitter ends tonight‚ are you ready?


Just when we were being klapped with a VAT increase‚ ongoing land debates‚ crime stats that are too high and an increase in petrol price — MTN has decided to pull the plug on Free Twitter.

We are ready to leave Mzansi now.

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The service provider waited until we were sufficiently babalas over the weekend to drop the bombshell confirming our worst fears.

No‚ you were not dreaming. The service provider’s free Twitter service will be coming to an end at midnight on Tuesday.

The streets were collectively shocked and angry over the decision‚ with many taking to the social media service to air their frustration.

There were five kinds of people

Those in mourning

It’s been a good ride.–/status/1043436475474472963?–Makhari/status/1043418894885642240–U/status/1044335615540637696

Those really angry

Like really angry‚ fam!–Wenu/status/1043910473945616385

Those who were looking for a new home

Pity Vodacom confirmed they aren’t going to take up the service but still tried to punt their social media ticket.–/status/1043450127191625728

Those curious to see what will happen to Twitter now

Will anyone be tweeting even?

Those already making plans to do other things

Now can we have proper face-to-face conversations?

But Mzansi are a creative bunch and they immediately came with the solutions.

Cava these ideas

Start your own Twitter

Your social media‚ your rules.–check=true

Just buy data

It’s payday mos.

Go to Facebook

Late news is better than no news.–Njombo/status/1044182657670819845

Or toi toi

Let your feet do the talking.–check=true

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