Old Queenian to sing NZ national anthem at Rugby Championship

Old Queenian Stephen Sass to sing the New Zealand national anthem in The Rugby Championship Picture:SUPPLIED


Queen’s College (QC) Old Boy Stephen Sass will do more than ask, ‘Can you hear the Kudu roar,’ when he sings the New Zealand (NZ, Kiwi), national anthem during The Rugby Championship return match which will be played at the Loftus Versfeld stadium in Pretoria in South Africa against the Springboks (Boks) at 17:05.

An eagerly anticipated match after the Boks won 34-36 against the Kiwis at the Wellington Regional Stadium on the fourth week of the competition, it is not the only thing that is anticipated as family, friends, QC family, and the whole of Komani anticipates Stephen’s rendition of the NZ national anthem.

Stephen’s father Vivian Sass said he recalled the first memories of Stephen falling in love with music from as early as 18-months when he could differentiate between sounds. He said Stephen was a multi-talented young man who was humble, focused and God fearing.

Vivian said, “He is a fourth year medical student. He said to me,  the fact that he is studying to be a Doctor (Dr), was not for material purposes or titles that came with the status.

“This was his contribution to humanity. As a family we are proud of him. “

QC Headmaster Janse van Dr Ryst said, “I am very proud of our Old Boy, who had the mindset to serve. T his ties in with our school’s vision of being one if the most caring schools in the country. The construction of our world is that if you care enough to give then the world will give back to you.”

Stephen was a role model for not only QC boys, but  for pupils throughout SA. Stephen said he was happy with the build up towards him singing the NZ national anthem, but that he was also nervous to sing before the whole world and trusted in God to give hime strength.

Stephen said, “Life has always been about making my family and everyone around me proud and as a result singing the NZ anthem is not about the fame, but taking the blessing I have been given by God to make the people around me proud.

“I sent my  curriculum vitae to the South African Rugby Union (Saru) in May to sing the national anthem. I received a response on September 12. Having the freedom to support NZ and sing their national anthem in S.A. is amazing.”

According to Stephen he learnt a life lesson from QC through the school’s motto which  he  said was, ‘To be rather than to seem to be.” He said this taught him to be consistent and genuine with people.

He said times were still difficult for black and coloured children.

“My family, school and church have been instrumental in my love for music. I sang at church, in the school choir and we sang as a family before we prayed  at home. Music for me is more than just putting notes together, it speaks to the soul,. It transcends man’s understanding, it comes from a higher power and this is what fuels my passion for music.”

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