What should SA do about crime? This is what you said…

A total of 22 people voted in The Rep’s most recent poll, asking locals what government’s priority should be in addressing crime.

This is what you said: No votes were received for closing taverns and liquor outlets early to ensuring that youths did not drink while the option of paying incentives to people who give information which leads to convictions, also did not garner any votes.

Four people voted in favour of clearing the streets of drug dealers while four votes were also received for the option of ensuring that harsher penalties were meted out to criminals with the help of the courts.

Two options received the most votes: 7 people voted to bring back the death penalty while a further 7 said SA should first root out corruption at top government level before it could take the stance that there was no place for crime in the country.

Thank you for voting and please look out for our next poll coming soon.

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