‘Yes it is me‚ it is real’: Zuma posts another Twitter video

Another day‚ another Jacob Zuma video on Twitter.

After accumulating 82‚000 followers in just a day after making his social media debut‚ Zuma posted a second video on Saturday in which he said: “Hello once again. I hear that some people are doubting whether I have joined the social media. Yes it is me‚ I have‚ it is real.”

The former president said it would take time for people to get used to his social media presence.

“I have not been engaging for a long time and I just thought it was high time I do so‚” he said. “You will get used to me.

“I am part of the people and I must be with them and I must be in the conversation to correct things‚ to also respond to things that need to be responded to.

“It’s me‚ Jacob Zuma.”

In the tweet accompanying his 70-second video‚ Zuma said: “I am still learning about the sphithiphithi [confusion] of social media.”

Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema welcomed “Baba” to Twitter‚ and Zuma replied: “Thank you mokgomana.”

By: Dave Chambers

Source: TMG Digital.

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