Joining hands for clean city

A non-political, grass-roots community campaign, Komani4Me, spearheaded by a group of locals is on a mission to keep the town clean.

According to a statement issued by spokesperson Jacqueline Wijtenburg, the project encourages property and business owners to show love for their customers’ journey into and out of their business by working with their employees to remove litter, rubble and illegal advertising posters that make the public pavements undignified.

“The campaign organisers say they are mindful that at present the municipality faces certain constraints in their ability to provide services as normal and are humbly confident they can show what is possible when citizens join hands with the municipality for the ultimate socio-economic wellbeing of all the town’s people and aims, within this year, to extend its reach to other parts of the CBD, as well as townships and suburbs.” read the statement.

Wijtenburg said a special Valentine’s month project had been launched in the hope of creating dignified and beautiful pavements, specifically in the centre of Komani and on roads that lead off the Hexagon.

Director of Interiors, Mark Sahd, who is one of the champions in this initiative indicated that he has motivated a growing number of business owners in Zeiler, Shepstone, Ebden and Fordyce Streets to join him and his staff together with nearby car guards to ensure that their section of pavement is free of litter and unlawful advertising posters. He has also been visiting neighbouring business owners to encourage their participation. “I have been pleasantly surprised by the amount of goodwill. I made a decision to educate my staff and our car guards to become more aware of the positive spin-offs of a clean environment, including job creation and future investment. Dignified, safe and beautiful pavements serve as beacons of pride as well as indicators of hope that change for the better is possible. We’re all taking a bit of responsibility for that.”

Members of the committee are Lihai Bercovich, Mark Sahd, Adré Bartis, Pieter Prinsloo, Babalwa Magqwanti, Smash Sinukela, Theo Anaxagoras, Tokkie Deysel and Jacqueline Wijtenburg with Border Kei Chamber of Business (BKCOB) an affiliate in the campaign.

Wijtenburg added that bumper stickers were available for sale to help with fund-raising. “Metcalf Sahd have offered to open a bank account for the campaign. In the meantime monies from the sale of bumper stickers are deposited into an account with Kwa Majuba Nursery who will supply plants to businesses who cannot afford to purchase them for a public space project, but do commit to maintaining one. Interested businesses may apply to the committee.”

Bumper stickers are available at Superclean, Mfundisi Fruiterers, Total Garages, Housebound, Servrite/Komani Meats, Dagwood at The Mall, Pick n Pay at The Mall and Mowtique

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