DA’s Bhanga: “EC SOPA fails to deliver game changers”

DA premier candidate Nqaba Bhanga’s statement of the State of the Province Address (SONA)

Eastern Cape Premier Phumulo Masualle today delivered a State of the Province Address that lacked any heart and soul and failed to project any vision for the future.

He did his best to sugar coat the ANC Government’s failings under his leadership but had to dig deep to find mediocre successes.  For an account of the ANC’s fifth term, it lacked any detail and was as empty as their promises continue to be.

Masualle said nothing to inspire any confidence that the ANC has a plan to turn the Province around. There were no announcements of any game changers that could put this province on a new path to prosperity and opportunity.

Our children are being denied quality education. Our mothers and fathers live in squalor, waiting in vain for the homes they were promised that never get built. Our brothers and sisters go to bed hungry. Unable to find work here, they leave to seek work elsewhere.

Hundreds of thousands of people cannot put bread on the tables of their families and the numbers are only getting worse.

This week the latest Quarterly Labour Force Survey showed that the Eastern Cape continues to have the highest levels of unemployment in the country. In fact, the levels have continued to rise, with the fourth quarter up by 0.5%, from 35.6% to 36.1%.

When it comes to corruption, they all cheered the disbandment of Scorpions, now cheer at the President’s announcement of a new Special Investigation Unit. The truth is there is no passion to eradicate corruption in this province.

Where we govern we want to continue making progress and where we do not currently govern, our offer to voters is to bring the change we need to move the province forward.

The time has come for the people of the EC to be served by a government that puts their interests first.

Only the DA can bring the change that creates a better future and builds One South Africa for All.

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