Thieves cause damage in two Top Town burglaries

Two homes were burgled on the same night in Haig Avenue, Top Town, last weekend, with the looters causing damage to one of the properties.

According to one of the home owners, Helen Ferreira, there was no-one in the house when the break-in occurred and they were informed by their next door neighbour who had also experienced a housebreaking on the night of Saturday, March 30.

“We were away for 10 days before this happened and we received a call from our neighbour on Sunday. We then called the security company and the police. The burglars came in through the lounge window while the alarm was on. They broke the ceiling and went into the roof to deactivate the alarm.” Ferreira said the burglars did a lot of interior damage and had managed to steal many items including a plasma screen TV and a pair of binoculars.

“Everything was pulled out of our cupboards and they trampled on anything that they did not want to take, making a big mess. We are still making daily discoveries of more items that are actually missing.” She said they had never experienced such an incident before and indicated that there had been no report-back from the police yet. A case was opened.

Police spokesperson Captain Namhla Mdleleni confirmed that a case of housebreaking and theft was opened and investigations into finding the perpetrators were underway. “The police appeal to residents to please report vacant homes or inform the police if home owners will be away for a certain period of time so as to heighten security. This will also assist police officials doing routine patrols in that specific area,” said Mdleleni.

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