Sasbo makes generous donation to adult centre

Sasbo finance union proved that the often repeated mantra of “umntu ngumntu ngabantu” which in English translates to ‘a person is a person through other people’ still exists when the union visited the Ilithalethu Adult Care Centre in Ilinge on Saturday to support and donate food items.

According to manager Nolitha Matanzima, the centre which looks after the elderly in the area, was established in 2016 with around 60 registered members, some of whom had since passed on. She added that they were there to assist old people with their routine treatment intake and provide support to those who were emotionally abused. “We cook, we cultivate and we provide the necessary support for the elderly in the area. You find people struggling to travel to clinics for their treatment, but the centre works with medical nurses who assist in fetching the treatment and bringing it to patients at the centre. We receive great support from the police as well in terms of ensuring that our premises are safe.” Matanzima said funding came from their own pockets and they relied on donors for extra help.

Chairperson Anele Biko said Sasbo was a trade union for bank officials, committed to identifying organisations that were not funded by the government. “We hold this initiative annually where we provide assistance to centres like Ilithalethu. We saw it fit to assist with what we had because such organisations are important. We hope that by coming here we have paved the way for other donors to come and help where they can,” said Biko.

The union donated food items, a refrigerator, a stove, pots and cutlery.

Matanzima, who emphasised the challenge of working without these things, thanked the union for visiting the centre so they could witness the conditions they lived under.

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