Bank card cloning and robbery a grave concern

The issue of bank card cloning and robbery has become a concern for local residents in Komani.

Evelyn Halgreen and Lean Els shared a ‘traumatic’ experience while doing their normal grocery shopping.

“We went to an ATM in one of the business complexes to withdraw money and immediately after putting the card into the machine three guys came and surrounded us. They started putting in numbers and were instructing us to punch in cellphone numbers. I then realised that the bank card was gone. Luckily, we were still activating the card and had not put in the pin yet.”

They said they received a cellphone notification of an unknown person trying to withdraw money from their account.

The Rep reported (“Thieves still active in Komani”, May 10) that Red Guard armed response officers and a technician had assisted the police in apprehending suspects who had allegedly robbed people at ATMs. It was reported that the police had detained the suspects for further investigation.

Police spokesperson Captain Namhla Mdleleni said the police were investigating reported cases of card cloning as many people had fallen victim recently. “We appeal to the community to avoid taking assistance from strangers when withdrawing money from ATM machines. People must also avoid giving away their pin codes to anyone – even people at the bank.”

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