Former pupil gives uniforms to pupils

A former pupil of Emmet Mahonga Junior Primary School, Thembelani Mafuna, paid homage to his old school in Ilinge by donating full school uniform for pupils from impoverished backgrounds.

Mafuna who was raised by a single parent said the gesture was close to his heart as he was one of many children who did not have proper uniform during his years at the school. Speaking to The Rep, Mafuna said he was taking his child to creche one morning and was disturbed when he saw two young children walking to his former school with their uniform in bad condition. “Emotions were high and I decided to visit the school and consult with the principal because I felt that I had to do something.”

He said he was reminded of how the other children would tease him for not having proper uniform. “This leads to lack of confidence and you feel as if you do not belong. You feel different from the other pupils, so I wanted to do this to encourage these young children.”

The school identified six beneficiaries and principal Zolisa Kwepile thanked Mafuna for contributing positively to education. “We have a team responsible for identifying pupils in need. We came up with six and Mafuna donated extra school items that will benefit four other pupils. You sometimes find most of these children are eager to learn but circumstances are sometimes hard for them. We are grateful that he came to plough back and assist where he could. We thank him from the bottom of our hearts because some of these pupils only assist at their former high schools. We hope this will encourage others to do the same. There are a lot of other things that could be done at the school,” she said.

Mafuna said he was looking forward to getting together with other former pupils so they could make more contributions to the school.

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