Water woes for Komani Park

Komani Park residents were frustrated and angry with the municipality after spending three consecutive days without water.

The water outage which affected some parts of the area including Kei Crescent, Buffalo and Klaas Smits Roads was, according to Chris Hani District Municipality (CHDM) spokesperson Thobeka Mqamelo, due to a burst pipe which was buried under concrete.

Resident, Zweluvumile Ntsila, said they had spent the entire weekend without water struggling with daily activities and they were forced to source water from houses nearby. “The situation was terrible to such an extent that I left and went to my village in the rural areas. There was no form of proper communication from the municipality. We pay heavily for something we are not even supposed to pay for in the first place. The lack of administration in this municipality is becoming worse. People are supposed to get services that they are paying for. This is tantamount to robbery. You will find they are only concerned about money rather than people’s lives. I had to spend money to buy water.” Ntsila said a water truck had apparently arrived in the area bet he suggested that an announcement could have been made to alert residents as most of them missed the truck.

Another resident, Viwe Kibido, who was also frustrated over the interruption of the water supply said residents were carrying empty containers pleading for water from neighbours. “Old women were carrying 20 litre containers and we had to assist because they were too heavy. We couldn’t cook, let alone bath. The situation was bad. We heard of a water truck that was supposedly in the area, but most people were not aware of it so they could not access it.”

Marie and Coen Bezuidenhout who own a shop in the area said they had decided to install four tanks on their premises each with a capacity of 5 000 litres, in addition to their borehole. “It has been more than 10 years. We decided to install these tanks because everything was getting too expensive. Also the quality of the water was unpleasant. We stopped using water from the municipality so we were not affected by the water outage. Neighbours came in with their containers asking for water and we gave them some, ” they said.

Mqamelo confirmed that there was no water in two streets of Komani Park. “The work required a TLB and this happened at a time when CHDM’s TLB was in for repairs. The district had to source a TLB from an external service provider. The municipal water tanker assisted the affected communities by delivering water. CHDM sincerely regrets the inconvenience that this community has experienced,” said Mqamelo.

Residents said the water supply was restored on Monday.

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