Pageant parade beautifies Komani

BlackToti beauty pageant contestants were strutting Komani in a pageant parade in Cathcart Road aimed at raising awareness on issues that negatively impact the youth.

Spokesperson, Qaqamba Mtebele, said BlackToti was an organisation that specialised in branding and web designing with a mission to uplift the community and help improve other small businesses. “We needed an element that was going to reach out to the people and impact the community. We wanted something different and did not only look at it from a profit perspective. This is our first official launch of our non-profit side of the business.”

Mtebele said the organisation would host a beauty pageant at the Thobi Kula Indoor Sport Centre on Saturday with 24 contestants from the Chris Hani District .“We decided to do something fun to kick-start the event. We are bringing in experts and we will have a panel that will share ideas on how young people can get into influential spaces. We want to develop a hub especially for young businesses to work together in tackling youth unemployment and substance abuse. There are so many other topics that could be dealt with, like mental health. With the systems that are in place, it feels as though young people are not given the tools to start doing things for themselves. This is to basically keep the conversation going.”

She said the organisation had recently hosted a career fair in King William’s Town and East London for high school pupils and they were also looking into reaching out to rural areas to impart information and inform young people about available opportunities.

“The prizes range from a fully paid scholarship for whatever they want to study. We want all of our contestants to walk away with prizes, including vouchers that are business-orientated or anything that will assist in uplifting them as young people. We want to centralise information and make it accessible, starting from primary school level,” said Mtebele.

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