SAYC appoints its Enoch Mgijima executive


The South African Youth Council (SAYC) appointed its Enoch Mgijima executive committee at a meeting in the town hall on Saturday.

Thandile Mangele was elected as the branch’s chairman followed by Melikaya Sam as his deputy. Xolisani Manona became the new secretary, Sibusiso Xoxo the deputy secretary and Sango Picane the treasurer.

Chris Hani SAYC regional chairman Ngobe Lali said each generation had a responsibility to find its own mission and to fulfil it and that it was crucial to nominate candidates who had the ability to accomplish it.

“The youth of 1976 identified their mission and had it fulfilled. Every generation must have a strategy and take strides that are evident to realise the mission. Failing to do so would result in failure. The primary objective is the emancipation of the youth which will not be achieved by division.”

Lali said the unemployment and free education debate took centre stage in the country.

In these debates, he said, the unemployment state of the continent was not being aligned to the high number of refugees who flocked into the country in pursuit of better opportunities.

He said the education system in South Africa also contributed to the high unemployment rate as it was not designed to free the people of the country from increasing poverty. He added that there was a difference between receiving a certificate and an education. A certificate pursued the interests of white monopoly, while education transformed society.

“We go to higher learning institutions to transform society, but students are programmed to abandon their township and village economies and advance the private sector by going to work in white monopoly companies. We have ourselves to blame.Our debate should change the status quo. We should develop the infrastructure such as roads for villages and township economies to become sustainable.

“Entrepreneurs who are supposed to take the country forward by creating employment for other citizens do not, because the system does not encourage them to do so, but to pursue a selfish, lavish lifestyle for themselves, because the agenda is to keep Africa from advancing and take the minerals.”

Lali said land should not be mistaken for agricultural land only, but should also be considered for commercial dispensation.

He suggested that government should adopt a Tvet college which would focus on agriculture, as farming needed people who were capacitated with expert knowledge in order to thrive and contribute to the economic activity of the Chris Hani district.

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