Local hawker endures 26 years of hardship



Winds have blown and rains have poured on the strong-willed Nombulelo Sonamzi who has endured all weather conditions as a hawker for 26 years outside a shop in Joubert Street in Komani.

Sonamzi reflected on the difficulties she had endured over the years, and how she had raised her family, raising two of her own children and three others mothered by her siblings.

I have endured all weather conditions outside this shop. Different owners of the shop have come and gone, including fellow hawkers. It has been tough, but through the grace of God I managed to put all my children through school and one of them is a college student now.”

Sonamzi who lives with her husband and children said he had lost his job about five years ago and had been struggling to secure another, which left her the sole bread-winner.

The children’s grant money has also helped with my stock. It enabled me to buy boxes of fruit and vegetables which would, in turn, generate enough profit to buy groceries, clothes for the children and anything else we may need.”

She said being a strong woman was hard because she had endured all these years selling fruit and vegetables because she did not like asking for handouts.

Selling gets hard because sometimes I leave without having sold anything. It is even worse now with the food store close by because they have started selling fruit at a lower price than we do and people naturally go for cheaper items.”

Sonamzi said she was thankful to the owner of the butchery where she is stationed for having made her a shelter which protects her from the scorching heat of the sun, and heavy rains and winds.

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